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I sometimes get terribly confused with various system folders. Since most of the folders get a new location in Vista, I thought it will be nice idea to compare a table as to which folder is located where and which folder should be used in which situation.


You should adjust your app to store temporary files in the current user's temp folder and the data should be stored in one of the following folders depending on whether or not you want the user to have direct access to the data files (ie. in an easily accessible folder), whether you want the same user to have access to the data when logged into another computer and whether or fitflop singapore sale not you want other users logged into the same computer to have access to the files.


the database files can be easily found by the user by browsing their Documents folderthe database files are in a hidden folder but may be accessible by a skilled userFollowing table contains a folder ID or CSIDL and fitflops its location in both Vista and XP:Windows XP LocationC:\Users\\Desktop\.


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